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Race Calendar

April 26  Hurt the Dirt trail race, 10K, half marathon, full marathon, Luton Park, Rockford
June 14 Grand Rapids Urban Adventure Race: Lake Michigan Edition, 5 hrs, Hoffmaster State Park, Muskegon & Grand Haven
Aug. 2 Michigan Adventure Race: Epic Edition, 8-10 hrs, Ada
Sept. 27  Michigan Adventure Race: ArtPrize Edition, 4 hrs, downtown Grand Rapids
Oct. 25  The Zombie Dash, 5K, sunset, downtown Grand Rapids
Nov. 15 Dirty Duel trail race, 5K vs. 6K, Robinette’s, Grand Rapids

Other Adventure/Orienteering/Trail Races
May 3 Get Your Bearing Adventure Race, 4 hrs, Brighton area
May 31 Infiterra Sports Spring Fury, 6 or 12 hrs, Yankee Springs, Middleville
June 7 Yankee Springs Trail Run, Middleville
September 12-14 Infiterra Sports Adventure Rage, 24 hrs, Houghton
Various dates, Southern Michigan Orienteering Club, various locations (mostly SE MI)

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    Do something different! Michigan Adventure Racing provides one-of-a-kind races for active folk and adventure seekers. From a night 5K with hundreds of zombies to evade to a trail race through cornfields and sand dunes to an adventure race with hidden flags and crazy Amazing Race challenges, we specialize in taking fun running and biking sports and twisting them into an experience you've never had before.

    The ultimate goal is to get more people addicted to these sports, enjoying the outdoors, and smiling at the same time, making West Michigan an even better place to be attacked by the undead than before.