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Coast to Coast — Bike on gravel and two-track roads from the sunrise shores of Lake Huron to a stunning Lake Michigan sunset. [ more info ]


Run. Bike. Paddle. Search. Conquer.
The most intensely fun hours of your life. MiAdventureRace.com

Two dueling courses.
One tough decision.
Brutal 5K vs. Difficult 6K. DirtyDuel.com

Hurt The Dirt
Discover the beauty and challenge of running trails. 1/4, 1/2, full marathon. Luton Park, Rockford. HurtTheDirt.com

Lord of the Springs
Weave through the epic singletrack trails at Yankee Springs Rec Area. Hammer the gravel roads and two-tracks of Barry County. Conquer both and you will be a Lord of the Springs. LordoftheSprings.com